A library of sounds recorded during the artist residencies in the Lookout.

 Residency #3 Dizzy O’Dare Presents…

Dizzy O’Dare and Play on Words Youth Theatre bring Robin Neale’s tales of the River Medway and Gillingham Pier to life.

 Residency #1 Radio Arts Field Recordings

Electromagnetic radiation from everyday electronic objects picked up by homemade AM receiver (built with Colin Turner). These untreated recordings (sounds are from a Toshiba laptop, a Samsung mobile phone, a hand-held Zoom recording device, as well as background radiation). Normally these sounds would be drowned out by terrestrial broadcasting, but the metal shell of the light ship acts as kind of Faraday Cage shielding the interior from external radio transmissions.

Steam Engine ‘The Rochester Castle’ in action on the Dockyard Railway, Chatham Historical Docks, Kent. Recorded October 2013.

Field recording taken by the riverside at ‘Hulks View’ on St Marys Island, a small island between Chatham and Gillingham formerly used for warehousing servicing the nearby docks and recently redeveloped as a residential area. Over the lapping of the water the most prominent sounds seem to be the masts of boats and yachts moored nearby flapping in the breeze, some children playing in an adjacent play park and some sounds blowing over from the still functioning section of the docks to the east, as well as a gentle undulating burr of passing traffic.

42 Medway voices vocalise foghorn sounds, edited together in sequence with minimal treatment.

42 Medway people give their best vocalisation of a ‘foghorn’ sound, sequenced into alternating solo, duo and trio sections and played back on board Light Ship LV21 via four FM radios placed inside one of the original foghorn’s cavernous air-receivers.

Colin Turner, radio operator and erstwhile shanty singer sings a mournful song to the ship’s foghorn air receiver, one of two cavernous metal drums in the engine room below deck; recorded through a small aperture in the air receiver.

Rushing air and noises filtered through air vents, as heard below deck.

Improvisation for rusty hatch door and found objects recorded on LV21 Light Vessel, Gillingham Pier, Kent on October 14th 2014.

Scanning for SW transmissions with Colin Turner, LV21 Resident Radio Operator and Engineer.

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